Soft Plastic Basic Lures Magnetik Baits

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Model Magnetik Baits
Brand Basic Lures
Product Type Twister
Production Ukraine

Model Soft Plastic Basic Lures Magnetik Baits

Model Size (inch) Size (сm) pcs in a package
Magnetik Baits 2" 2 5 10
Magnetik Baits 3" 3 7.5 10

Description Soft Plastic Basic Lures Magnetik Baits

In the range - all types of silicone, used for catching predators of our waters. Active baits (vibrotails and twisters), passive (worms, larvae, slugs and crayfish). Each model is available in several sizes and a lot of catchy colors: it allows in any situation to offer the predator exactly the bait, which he bows right here and now. When developing each bait, the absolute simplicity of its application was an indispensable condition - this silicone does not require special, secret animation techniques.

Basic Lures works on the simplest, basic wiring, bringing the coveted bites to the master and the beginning spinner. The material of these baits is soft enough to provide mobility of their body - but it is rather malleable and hardy. It withstands a much larger number of bites than the soft and loose silicone of an expensive imported edible. These are very catchy and practical baits - and best of all they reveal their potential by being mounted on the right hooks, loads and ready-made Basic Lures jigs.

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